Exactly how far do I "dress down" ?

You should always adhere to whatever your personal level of comfort is. I am trained to drape with modesty, and had to display these skills in my state licensing exams. You will be given privacy to dress down, and inappropriate areas will not be exposed at any time during the massage. I also encourage any client to let their therapist know, at any point, if they are uncomfortable.

Do I tip my therapist?

While gratuity is not mandatory, it is extremely appreciated! Any gratuity helps the business grow!

What is a "full body massage"?

Each massage is different, because each client is different. A full body massage may include your scalp/head, neck, arms, hands, upper body, hips/gluteals, legs, feet and in specific medical situations, even abdominal areas. It may be difficult for your therapist to decipher what you would like when you simply ask for "full body". It is for this reason that I encourage you to be specific in your requests. Each therapist is different, and has a different way they practice. Not every therapist will include all of the above areas, though some may. In my practice, most often I will perform any gluteal(rear of pelvis/hips) work through the sheet and/or blanket.
Be sure to alert your therapist of your preferences, whatever they may be. If you prefer not to have a certain area of your body worked on, please notify your therapist so that they can adhere to your wishes. If you would like specific focus on a particular area, please say so. Be aware that as you request focus work, the more areas or focused time you ask for, it leaves your therapist less time to realistically complete a full body massage.

I'm not sure what to ask for...
Ask for whatever you feel you'd like! Communication is key, and massage is fully customizable to your needs! Whether you feel like you don't really experience much pain, and just want to relax....or you have chronic pain daily, tell your therapist! I greatly encourage you to explain whatever your situation or need is to your therapist so that they can best meet your expectations, whatever they may be.

If you feel that there is a topic missing from this section, please feel free to let me know!