Muscle Maintenance Massage Philosophy

Open communication is an absolute must in order to gratify your expectations for a massage appointment. I always say, "This is your massage, not mine." The more a client communicates what they're feeling or expect, the better apt I am to respond to those requests and, in turn, better your experience. It makes me so joyful when I can see a drastic change in someone's health or daily quality of life. Pain is not something to be tolerated through existence, it is a warning sign, and we are meant to respond to it. My goal is to treat the cause of the pain, not the effect, and thus provide calming relief to you, the client.

Investing in massage is an investment in your health. I believe health is achieved through physical, mental, and emotional balance. Massage is one of the best tools for effecting each of these states positively.

Physically: by moving stagnated fluid and dried out tissue to re-hydrate and redistribute; lengthening and strengthening targeted areas to achieve proper alignment; kick-starting the body's natural ability to heal itself.

~ Mentally: by reconnecting mind and body, allowing stress to be forgotten and freeing space for clearer thinking.

~ Emotionally: by soothing negative energy patterns associated with an ailment, promoting positive thoughts and feelings, and improving sense of self and self-image.

Not all massage sets out to achieve all of these things at once, but it can be used strategically to bring the states of being into balance within themselves and harmony with each other.